Pristine Water Solutions Inc. provides proprietary water treatment programs for municipal, industrial and commercial water systems to meet the requirements of a total water treatment solution. Technologies include municipal drinking water treatment programs, corrosion and disinfection programs, cleaners, commodity chemicals, polymer applications, and boiler and cooling tower applications. Our Aquadene® products have long been industry standards for reduction of iron and manganese and for maintaining lead and copper levels below federal compliance standards. We also provide products for improving water clarity, and ClO2/Sodium Chlorite for water disinfection and odor control. The use of our Chlorine Dioxide programs allows municipalities to meet present and future HAA and THM requirements. Pristine Water Solutions is also the national distributor for the Bio Enzymes biological technology, which provides a solution to some of the most complex problems of our time including wastewater treatment, sludge reduction, odor control and emerging contaminant removal.

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CECO Environmental Completes Acquisition of Met-Pro Corporation - Creates the Global Leader in Air Pollution Control, Product Recovery and Fluid Handling Technology

August 27, 2013

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